POWERSCOUT® - Monitoring and analysis made easy

  • Simple setup
  • Long-term analysis
  • Visualisations
  • Automated reports
  • Across locations
  • Central testing and monitoring of the electrical installation and equipment (IEC 60364-6)
  • No local software installation required


Weather conditions or faulty equipment may cause malfunctions in your installation. POWERSCOUT® puts you on the right track.


POWERSCOUT® continuously collects measurements and generates user-specific reports. This well-founded database allows real trend curves to be represented and the causes of malfunctions to be found.

Automated reports

POWERSCOUT® sends you graphically processed reports at specified intervals. It only takes into account relevant data.

Across locations

Analyses across locations allow the comparison of several buildings or company headquarters.

Periodic verification

The automated report on residual currents forms the basis for measuring without switch-off by means of periodic verification.


Meaningful visualisation can be generated for each of your installation types in an easy and fast way with flexible and scalable dashboards for each display device: smartphone, laptop, computer.